Trip of a Life Time

travelling Oz

Why do a trip

We had often talked about doing a trip around oz, but there always seemed to be something stopping us. We both had good jobs, we owned a house, we go pregnant. There are always reasons not to go, so what are the reasons to go. Obviuosly to see Australia.but for us it was much more.

I had just put in for a promotion at work which I got. We were well on the way to paying off our house and life was very comfortable. That's the problem. Life was too comfortable. I worked 8-4:30 Mon-Fri. On Saturday I mowed the lawns, on Sunday we went to church in the morning and usually out for lunch or something. When ever I had a spare minute I was either mowing lawns, gardening (we had an acre of garden) or working on the house. I was always busy but not with my family.

My parents had always wanted to travel but were talked out of it at a young age and had regretted not going. They were very supportive of us going.

A number of our friends had suffered injuries/illness which changed the direction their lives took and this made me realise if we don't do the trip now we may never do it. One friend in particular had a severe back injury. Talking one day I asked if he was disappointed with not being able to do the things he loved doing. His response change my out look on life. He said " If I had saved all my life to do something I loved when I was older then yes I would be very disappointed, but I have lived my life doing the things I love and have no regrets". WOW, Imagine saving up to do the trip when I'm older and have something happen that prevented us ever doing the trip. How disappointed would I be.

About a week later I was talking with my boss who made this comment. " Josh if there is something you really want to do, don't worry about what others think or work or whatever. If you really want to do it then do it". I went home and told my wife I was sick of work and working at home all the time. To my surprise she said "let's do the trip now then'. That was it, We made the decision that everything we did from now on would aim towards doing the trip. It still took over 12 months before we left.

We finished the renovations on the house and sold that. We rented for 3 months.We went to every camping show, caravan show and every shop that had camping gear. It got very overwhelming, but we were on our way to doing the trip.

I gave 3 months notice at work which I wouldn't do again. A some of our friends thought we were mad selling our house but we wanted the freedom to do whatever we wanted, to go for as long as we wanted and to settle where we wanted. We didn't want to mess around with tenants either. We don't regret selling the house at all.

Too many people say there is always time to do it later. Make sure your are not left disappointed!!!!!!