Trip of a Life Time

travelling Oz

How far?  How much?  How many times?

We left Drouin in Gippsland Victoria on the 31st December 2006. We caught the boat to Tasmania on the 2nd January 2007 for the beginning of our trip around Australia. We  caught the boat back to Tassie on the 12th of September 2009, just over 2 1/2 years after we left. The following is some stats of the trip.


We spent a total of 140 weeks on the road ( 2 years 9 months)

Total distance travelled:   81,251 km

We used:   14,860.14 litres of diesel

It cost a total of :   $21,794.97 for fuel

The most was paid was :    236.9 c/l in Imintji on the Gibb River rd W.A.

The cheapest we paid was :    99.9 c/l in Townsville QLD

Overall average for fuel was:    148.12 c/l

We averaged:   18.28 litres per 100 kms   or   5.47 km per litre

We put fuel in the car 242 times.

We had 4 flat tyres. 3 were nails which we repaired with tyre plugs and one was a railway spike coming out of Wilpena Pound which we replaced.

We put the camper up 138 times. We have been on the road 140 weeks. If you take out the 31 weeks we stayed in Roxby Downs we put the trailer up 138 times in 109 weeks or every 5.5 days.

The first 3 months in Tassie cost an average of $3.47 per night. From Bermagui to Adelaide we free camped the whole way. We rented a house in Andamooka for 8 months and after here I was working for a sales company so we now stayed in caravan parks when I worked so our accommodation costs went through the roof. Average $210 a week.

We went to every state and teritory and every capital city.

We visited the southern, western, eastern and  northern most points of Australia and also visited the actualy geographical centre of Australia.