Trip of a Life Time

travelling Oz

How to travel and what to sleep in?

We had a 1984 Toyota 60 series but decide to upgrade for the trip. I have always liked Toyotas and as we planned on spending time off road we settled on an 80 series.  Our plan was to see remote areas so we had to be able to go where we wanted with our vehicle and accommodation. We started looking for vehicles and found a few but not really what we were after. There were some very dodgy vehicles out there. After looking at quite a few months we found the perfect car for what we wanted.

It was a 1993 toyota  landcruiser 80 series, turbo deisel.

 It had or we added:

 a 3 inch lift kit,  and 2 inch body lift. We fitted mickey thompson MTZ 285 75 r 16 tyres. These tyres are great.                                                                                                          Winch bar(no winch) to which we fitted a 12000 pnd repco winch. Thought about a n big name winch but couldn't justify the expense. This winch has been well worked and handled it well. We also added a pair of 170 light force lights. I would have like 240's but the front was already fairy blocked and was worried about air flow.                                   Diff locks front and rear with under bonnet compressor which we had fully serviced. Side steps and brush rails.                                                                                                                            We added a tradesmen roof rack on which we placed a box to carry the solar panel, also the max trax and a shovel.                                                                                                                     A centre roof console. We added a uhf, A reversing camera, and a garmin 600 gps with outback tracks loaded.  It had a 12 stack cd player, we decide not to put in any dvd players as we wanted to kids to enjoy the veiws. We don't regret not having a dvd as the girls have seen so much and also encouraged to read a lot more.                      

A cargo barrier  and we added a set of drawers from All Terrain 4x4. We then built a set of selvesto fit a gear into.                                                                                                                         A Kaymar rear bar with spare wheel carrier and a jerry can holder plus work light. The rear bar also had 2 rear flood lights in it.                                                                                      The space where the spare wheel used to be I was going to put a water tank but never got around to it. I ended up tying 2 spare shocks up under there on the cross member.         We found this set up worked extremely well but I wouldn't have a body lift in it next time. 

                              OUR ACCOMMODATION

As we planned to head off road and into remote areas as much as we could we needed a trailer that would handle going were ever the car would go. We didn't want to have to drop the trailer off and go back a pick it up later.

 We started looking around and were amazed by the number of trailers on the market. We were more amazed at the number of trailers we were told were off road but were simple garden trailers with big tyres.  We started going to all the 4x4 and camping shows to compare trailers, this is a good way to compare trailers easily.  We decided because we were not just doing a couple of weeks away each year but living in full time we needed it to be set up a certain way. It had to be very quick and easy to set up and pack up. We wanted something fairly secure so with lockable lockers around the sides. We wanted it to sit behind the car and not stick out the sides to far and also have the same wheel track. We also wanted all the wheels to be interchangeable with the car.

 Our original budget was $10,000 and we thought we could add stuff as we went but after looking in that price range, for what we wanted we were not going to get much. The other thing was we didn't want the trailer to look like it was added onto. In the end we spent $ 26'000 on the trailer and are very glad we did. What we are doing is very different to just going away for a month or two. Our trip was open ended so we could be living in it for a long time so it had to be comfortable.

There are plenty of good trailers around but we kept coming back to the O'BRIENS offroad campers. They had drawers in the back for easy access. They built it to our needs. It sits right behind the car with the same wheel track. We liked the lay out and plenty of room when fully set up but quick and easy for just an over night stay.   We  were very impressed with the service from the staff. We were able to change any part of the trailer we wanted, add or take stuff off.

In 1 of the drawers is a 2 burner gas stove and grill, sink with pump tap and 80 ltfridge which we run as 40 lt fridge and 40 lt freezer. The other drawer is for storage.           Under the bed is 4 drawers for clothes. On the draw bar is a large toolbox. Around the trailer is 4 lockers and along 1 side is a pole locker. It has 2 gas bottles and 2 jerry can holders.